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Christophe Rose
co-founder & art director

My name is Jean Christophe Dominique Rose, or Simply Christophe Rose like I’ve been called since young, I was born in Mauritius in 87′ but since 93′ I’ve been based in Catania (Italy). I have a Degree in Graphic Design at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Catania, I’m an Artist, illustrator & Graphic Designer.

Samir Kharrat
founder & creative director

I’m a creative freelance designer I love designing: concept design, art direction, graphic design, web design, editorial design, advertising, branding, photography and digital video.
I accompany my days of work and study with good music, an intense way to stimulate my brain and soul to produce creativity.
I work for an italian label “Tempi Duri”, “Bunker Music” and for others music artists.

co-founder & art director

Hi. My name is Francesco Prisco, i was born in 1993 in Naples, Italy.
I love design, street-art, Dubstep and Hip Hop music. Currently i work for an italian label “Tempi Duri” and for others music artists.

Andrea Marcantonio

My name is Andrea and I’m 24years old. Photography is my passion and ii would love to make it my profession.
Journalism and portraits are my favourite genres. I like meeting and talking to people and telling their stories through my images. One of the project I will work on, involves connecting with people from different cutural backgrounds and photographing them.